How to improve Google search results

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

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Clients often ask how their website can appear higher on the Google search results screen, but they do not want to pay for a monthly search engine optimization service. This article explains a strategy that people can do on their own that costs nothing other than their own time and effort. For the purpose of this article, let's pretend that you are a dentist in Vero Beach Florida and provide multiple dental services, and you wish to highlight your teeth whitening service.

1: Visit and start typing in a search for a relevant phrase, for example, teeth whitening service in Vero Beach Florida.

2: Look at what Google auto-suggests (in the drop-down area under the search bar) as the phrases more relevant to your search phrase. The search phrase that Google recommends may be slightly different from the one you entered.

3: Once you have identified the recommended search phrase, you will write an article on the topic of at least 300 words. If an article is not at least 300 words, Google does not consider you to be an authority on the subject. Therefore, the ranking of the future page will not be as strong as it would be otherwise. The article should contain multiple mentions of the service offered, the location of the office, as well as other secondary phrases relevant to dentistry. I also recommend that you include the dentist's name a few times as well. Again, by including phrases relevant to teeth whitening as well as the location of the practice and the doctor's name, it shows Google that the dentist (more specifically, that this article) is an authority on the subject.

4. Create a new web page on your website including the following:

-- Use the search phrase in the URL, ie:

-- Use your page title as an H1 tag, ie:
Teeth Whitening Service in Vero Beach Florida, Dr Schwartz DDS

-- Paste the words of the article into the page making it look professional and easy to read.

4: Take several photos of the teeth whitening process, starting at the beginning, as well as throughout the process, as well as the final result. Embed these images into the article and tag each image with keyword-rich ALT TAGS relevant to the teeth whitening service. It is recommended that the images be tagged with the hidden geolocation data. If you don’t know what this is, learn about it here:

5. Grab your smartphone and make a short video interviewing the patient about their experience with teeth whitening. Ask them questions about the experience, was it painful, was it uncomfortable, how were the results, would you recommend a friend to do the same thing, would you recommend Dr. Schwartz to do the service? The video does not need to be fancy or overly professional, but it should be nice enough for someone to watch without feeling queasy. Upload the video to the dentist’s YouTube channel and add keywords, phrases, and the transcript of the video into the comments area of the video within YouTube. This can result in the video being found when people search Google Videos or YouTube for the topic. Embed the video into the web page by using the embed code from YouTube and embed the video into your new web page. Finally, paste the transcript of the video into an expand/collapse widget under the video; this can help deaf visitors know what is being said in the video, and it can help improve Google rankings as well.

6. When the new web page is completed, looks great, and is ready to go, publish it to your website for the world to see.

7. Now, you can utilize some other tools to get more exposure of your new blog post.

-- Inform Google that the new post exists. Click this link and follow the directions found there:

-- Copy the URL of the new post, paste it into your business Facebook account, add some additional text to explain what the article is about, and insert a picture. Then share the post from your business Facebook page to your personal Facebook page for additional exposure.

-- Repeat this process as much as possible for LinkedIn as well as other social media accounts.

-- Draft a new email message including the link to the URL, and send it out to everyone on your emailing list. Be sure to include the additional text and a photo as well.

8. Repeat this process for all of the dental services provided at the dental practice. The more content that you add to your website, and share throughout the internet in this fashion, the more that Google will see that you are on top of your marketing and will likely give you the benefit of additional traffic to your website by way of higher rankings. It is recommended to do this over time, perhaps one new article a week or 1 new article a month, rather than doing a bunch of Articles at the exact same time. By spreading it out, Google recognizes the natural growth of your website and content over time.

I hope that this article has brought a smile to your face! If it has helped you, please let us know. If you need help implementing solutions like this, please reach out to us for a discussion.

Steve Schwartz
Digital Strategist