WordPress Website Development and Repair

A simple solution to easily update the content on your website yourself
without knowing any programming skills.
Perfect for small businesses or organizations.

Wordpress Development

We can create new websites using WordPress, using Parallax design and other cool WordPress features. We will recommend a theme that best suits your design needs, then modify it to match your company's brand identity, colors, logo, preferences and more.

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Managed WordPress Website Hosting

We offer fast and reliable website hosting for your WordPress Website. Our Managed WordPress Website Hosting servers will automatically update the WordPress core program as new stable versions become available. This can help protect your website from being hacked due to outdated WordPress code.

Wordpress Repairs

Wordpress is Free and Open Source, which means its code is freely accessible on the web. While the jury is still out about the security of Open Source software as opposed to proprietary, it does mean that it is an ongoing arms race of those looking to patch vulnerabilities verse those looking to exploit them.

Exploits can come in many different forms including ones crafted against the Wordpress engine itself, or if Wordpress is itself kept up to date, against the plugins that are either not updated or have been abandoned. Your team at PD/GO Digital Marketing can help repair your hacked website, as well as provide typical website updates of design and content.

Under Attack? Let us remediate for you! We can remove malware from WordPress even if it's not hosted with us, billable at an hourly rate.


Wordpress Warranty

Video Transcript

It's a widely held misconception that cyber criminals only target large corporate websites, but in reality, the majority of the websites that are hacked are legitimate small businesses. WordPress is a very popular website building platform and is used on over 25% of all websites. It's open source, which means that anyone can access the source code including cybercriminals. They have automated scanning tools that constantly scan WordPress websites looking for vulnerabilities to hack. Is your website one of the 30,000 websites that was hacked today? WordPress Warranty is a service offered by PD/GO Digital Marketing. It was designed to prevent these malicious attacks that can cause unnecessary stress, embarrassment, and expense. Think of this service as protecting your website with Fort Knox security and then covering it with an insurance policy. Here's how it works: WordPress Warranty starts with a careful review of your website to verify that it is clean of malware and viruses, that the WordPress program and all themes and plugins have been updated and that everything is working properly on our fast servers. We then harden the account against hackers, install premium security plugins, remove the website from blacklists, set up daily monitoring and malware scanning, configure a daily automated backup of your website, and so much more. We even provide a monthly status report, and after all of this, if somehow your website still is hacked, then our team will restore at no extra charge. WordPress Warranty is available to protect your website now and into the future. Don't be the next WordPress hacking victim. Sign up for WordPress Warranty today.

Over 30,000 WordPress websites were hacked today! Was yours one of them?

Protect your WordPress website from hackers with our Wordpress Warranty service.

Wordpress Warranty comes with everything from our standard Wordpress hosting service and much, much more, including:

  • Managed wordpress hosting
  • Daily backups
  • Hosting up to 10 basic email accounts
  • Automatic updates of WP core, plugins, and themes
  • Initial site/hosting hardening against hackers
  • Premium security plugin installation and configuration
  • Daily security monitoring
  • Daily uptime monitoring
  • Monthly review for outdated plugins and themes (those that can't be updated due to expired licenses, developer abandonment, or removal from WordPress repository)
  • Monthly database optimization and comment spam cleanup
  • Monthly maintenance report
  • Site restoration if hacked, at no extra cost (providing client has complied with monthly review security recommendations, e.g. removing, replacing, or upgrading licenses for any outdated or abandoned plugins or themes)

For all of your WordPress website design, maintenance, hacking remediation, or WordPress Warranty, please reach out to us!