What does "Website Accessibility" mean?

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

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Making your website usable to those with disabilities can be daunting. It's not something that comes naturally to most of us. We're used to writing content that is appealing to our audience, not content that is accessible to people with disabilities, such as vision and hearing issues. There are many ways to make your website accessible. Some of them are free and some of them are not. However, making your website accessible doesn't have to be difficult. You don't have to spend hours learning about the latest techniques to keep your website accessible. The Team at PD/GO can do it for you!

The word "accessible" can mean a lot of things. When we narrow it down to website accessibility, it could mean that the site is available for a person or the public in general to access. However that is not what we are talking about here.

Website Accessibility in this context means how easy or difficult is it for someone, with various physical or mental impairments, to use successfully. These include:

  • Vision-related impairment, including low vision and blindness
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Physical disability
  • Speech / language impairment
  • Learning Disability
  • Intellectual Disabilities

There are various ways to accomplish this, and with various costs and efficacy. Add to that, some claim to be free and effective and yet have been shown to not accomplish what they purport. That problem is furthered when you understand that in the U.S. it has been shown that it is a website owner's obligation to maintain their website's usability for those with disabilities, not on the provider, nor on an accessibility widget that does not actually accomplish the desired goal..

How do you work through these issues while maintaining your sanity?

PD/GO Digital Marketing specializes in making websites accessible for all users, even those with various disabilities. We design websites to be accessible at the template-level, not with a tack-on widget that doesn’t actually work. By using our system, you can easily keep your website accessible.

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