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Online reviews are one of the most important ways to get more customers. Having many positive recent reviews can make the difference between a business receiving a phone call from a prospective client or that call going to a competitor.

Don't believe it? Please read through the positive reviews listed lower on this web page and see if it makes you want to do business with us or another company.

If you are a client of PD/GO Digital Marketing and would like to leave us a review, we would really appreciate it.

Does your business need more positive reviews? We can help! We offer an amazing system of reaching out to your customers by email or text message drip campaign thanking them for their business and asking if they would take a moment to share their experience. The customer clicks a link and is directed to your custom reviews landing page where they are encouraged to leave a positive review; it then directs them to the place to do so. It even offers basic instructions on how to leave a review.

Getting five-star reviews could not be easier!

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Video Transcript

Let me ask you something. If you do a Google search for your industry and location, and the map list appears, do your competitors have more reviews and a higher star rating than your business? Think about this, based on their reviews, if you are the customer, would you call your business first or another one? Here's some shocking statistics on how customers use online reviews and how they can make or break your small business. Did you know that 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses prior to contacting the business? That percentage increases to 93% for people who are ages 35 to 54. And those consumers read an average of 10 online reviews before being able to trust your local business. How about that 48% of consumers only pay attention to the reviews written within the last two weeks. Let's face it, the business with the highest amount of stars and the highest number of reviews typically received the first phone call from a potential customer. Think about it, would you call a local business with only four reviews and a four star rating? Or a business that has 300 reviews and a four and a half star rating? It's a no brainer. Have you asked your happy customers to leave your reviews on Google and they say they will, but they never do? Or maybe they don't know how to. I want to be sure that your business receives the first phone call from your potential customers and not your competitor. Here's a report from a small medical practice gaining 90 5 star reviews in just one year. And this community management company has some negative reviews, so we helped them gain a lot more positive reviews, which increase their overall star rating. And this family owned card and gift shops, check out the steady rise of positive reviews in one year. Need a ton of reviews fast? Check out how we helped this business gain over 100 new positive reviews in just 45 days. That's crazy. Our team is here to help. We're offering a free deep dive analysis of your business reviews to identify areas of improvement. Discover any negative reviews that might exist and explain our step by step proven system to bring in new reviews to your company. By the way, we can even help keep negative reviews from being published. Ask us how. We've helped many local businesses with the service and we can help you too. Look, if you've watched this video this far, you know that your business needs help with more positive reviews. Here's what you need to do. Book a discovery call with us by clicking the link below or on the video. Pick a time that works best for you and we'll be in touch soon. The call should only take about 15 minutes and we can show you how to help your business get many new positive reviews. And in doing so get you a lot more new business in the future. Book that call today.

Want to learn more about this system? Would you like for us to do an in-depth analysis of your company's online reviews to find good reviews as well as identify any bad ones? Need suggestions on how to deal with a negative review? Stressed out about how you can ask thousands of your customers for a review in a friendly and respectful way? We are here for you! Simply contact us and we will be very happy to provide a no-obligation assessment.