Quickbooks Scam Email

Friday, January 21, 2022

Categories: Email Security

We recently received the following notification from our security vendor and wanted to bring it to your attention:

From Havoc Shield

Threat Watch Alert

We have identified a recent security threat and wanted to ensure you and your team are aware of the latest phishing schemes.

Our security scanning picked up significant schemes that increase the volume and sophistication of phishing emails, specifically directed towards businesses like yours.

Security Threat Alert: Threat Actors are using Intuit Quickbooks to send fake invoices asking for payment, see images below.


Please take note of the latest phishing campaigns that may put your business at risk:

  • Attacker shares a fake invoice via Intuit Quickbooks to hide their email address.
  • The details in the invoice are all real and would give no clear giveaway that this is phishing.
  • After clicking "Print or Save" you are directed to an invoice page that shows more information about the invoice. Including an email to reach out to.
  • By hosting this attack through quickbooks, the scammer is able to have a professional looking email, as well as numerous real logos attached with it.

This scam is meant to be a precursor attack, meaning the scammers want you to reach out to ask for more information.