Frequently Asked Questions

What software and hardware do I need to use PD/GO?

PD/GO Version 4 is fully responsive, so you can use a PC or Mac, tablet or smartphone. While the system works with most major web browsers, we strongly recommend using Google Chrome Click here for free download

Can I use my own existing domain name, (e.g.,

Yes, we will point your existing domain name to your PD/GO website. To do so, we will need for you to provide for us three items: The registrar used to register the domain name, your account name, and your password.

I don't have an existing domain name. Can you help me select and register one?

Sure! Just let us know your business/organization's name and the desired domain name. We will review available domain names, offer you suggestions based on several criteria, and then register it for you from one to ten years. We will even watch over it for you into the future to protect it from accidentally expiring or getting fraudulently transferred to someone else.

Can I add images to my website?

Yes! It is easy to do or we can do it for you for a nominal fee.

Can I sell my products from my PD/GO website?

Yes! We can enable this feature and show you how it works. Then you can add, change and remove products yourself anytime.

How long will it take to get started on my website project?

In most cases, we will start on your project within one business day once we receive your deposit payment and signed agreement. It typically takes between four and eight weeks to create a new website, however, we have found that the speed of the project is typically determined by how quickly the client gets us items that we need.

How can I get a discount on my PD/GO monthly fee?

Refer a friend to PD/GO Digital Marketing and share the reward

Refer your friends, and get $5/month off your bill for EACH referral as long as they remain our client!

When a person whom you referred signs up for a PD/GO website with us, we will give you a $5.00 discount on your monthly bill for as long as your friend stays with us. It's that simple! Refer four friends, and save $20 per month! How about that for an easy way to save money? Remember that money saved is money earned.

We have several clients who are racing to get their monthly fee reduced to ZERO by referring several new clients to us. One Vero Beach medical client has done it! Will you be the second one?

What if I need my website to do something that is not currently a feature of PD/GO?

Please just let us know what you want your website to do, and we may be able to add that functionality to the PD/GO system, or to handle it manually for you. A development fee may apply. If we are not able to accommodate your request, then we should consider building a custom-programmed website just for you.

How do I access my new email account hosted by PD/GO Digital Marketing?

Can I have my email forwarded to my ISP email account? For example, delivers email to

Yes! But it is NOT recommended as many companies block inbound email that is routed this way.

We have our own third-party email service (Exchange Server, Google Apps, 365, etc.) that handles our email. Can we use that and still use PD/GO for the website?

Yes, we will just configure the DNS zone files so that email is routed through your email server/service and the website will be hosted on our server or we can work with your IT company to configure it.

Must my website be hosted on your server in order to use PD/GO?

Yes. Since PD/GO is a server-side application, we need to host your website on our servers to make it work properly.

What DNS servers do I need to point my domain name to in order to make my website work with PD/GO?

We will let you know the unique nameservers once we are ready to go live with the new website.

Still have a question that needs answering? Please contact us!