Privacy Policies For Websites

Does your business have a contact form on your website that collects visitor's names and other information? Then by law, the website should have a privacy policy explaining how that private information is used. Furthermore, the laws that govern this topic vary from state to state and some states are proposing laws that will allow consumers to sue businesses anywhere in the US for not having a compliant Privacy Policy.

PD/GO Digital Marketing has partnered with Termageddon to provide affordable privacy policies for our clients.  Please watch this short video that explains this service:

Video Transcript

Did you know that if you have a contact form on your website that you're collecting personally identifiable information? Several states have already passed privacy laws to protect the PII of the consumers of those states. These laws require most websites that collect PII to have a privacy policy. On top of that, several other states are proposing their own privacy laws, each with their own unique requirements for what your privacy policy needs to disclose, as well as unique penalties for not complying. Some states are proposing businesses be fined over $5,000 per violation per website visitor. Some states are proposing private right of action, meaning citizens of that state can sue businesses anywhere in the US for not having a compliant privacy policy. These laws are created to protect the consumers of those states, not the businesses. In other words, your business doesn't have to be located in that state for those laws to apply to you. That is why we created termageddon. With termageddon you can generate a privacy policy for your website in less than 15 minutes. What makes termageddon special is that when the laws change, we automatically update your policies for you, helping you stay compliant and avoid fines and lawsuits. We protect your website for $10 a month or $99 a year, saving you both time and money. To get started, click the purple register button at and protect your business today.

We charge a $299 fee for the setup and the first year of the service. Then, the fee is only $99/year starting in 12 months. If you would like to proceed with this service, or if you have any questions, please reach out to us by submitting this form: