Custom Web Application Development

While the majority of our clients select the PD/GO System for their website platform, some clients have specific programming needs that simply do not fit within the parameters of the PD/GO System. Therefore, custom programming options are available.

Indian River Medical  Society
Click here to visit the website (Opens new window). This links to a site that may not be accessible for the visually impaired.

This could include membership websites (where each person has a unique user id and password to login and view certain information), custom e-commerce websites, document storage, and client/staff management systems. For these clients, we create websites that are entirely custom programmed or we can create a custom system to be incorporated into their PD/GO website. We typically use PHP and mySQL database technologies.

Examples of completely custom programmed websites:

Residential Community
Management System
(for document storage and communication with residents)

Villa Rentals and Sales

Loan Application System

Real Estate Listing System

Physician Database


Large E-Commerce Website

Membership Websites
(membership website offering parenting information, articles, and videos)
(membership website with audio, video, and e-commerce)