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A demonstration showing a Responsive PD/GO website on a computer screen, tablet and phone, and an example of our print media

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What makes your company different or special? What are your goals? We provide you with a free consultation to develop a marketing and branding plan for your organization's unique needs.

Brand Development & Logo Design

We can create your business identity through brand development, logo and website design to make you stand out from your competition. Learn more

Easily Editable Websites

The PD/GO system is our website-building platform that clients can use to easily update the content on their website. No techie skills required. Perfect for small to large businesses and organizations. Learn more

Custom Web Application Development

Your business goals may require a custom-programmed database-driven website application. Examples include membership websites, custom e-commerce websites, online training systems, large document storage, real estate listings, and lodging reservation systems. Learn more

Internet Marketing / SEO

We can help your business get found on Google by using a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, and targeted online ads. Learn more

Graphic Design for Print Media

As part of developing your corporate image, we design letterhead, business cards, envelopes, brochures, flyers, posters, and postcards. Learn more

The PD/GO System

We use the PD/GO System to create awesome websites that you can easily update yourself without being a techie. Once we have completed your website, we will spend an hour or less training you to make content changes including adding, modifying, or removing web pages, files, text, images, links, videos, products for sale, and much more! Please contact us for a quick demonstration.

Video Transcript

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Hello, this is Steve Schwartz with PD/GO and I'd like to do a quick demo video today showing examples of how to do some common features and updates on a demonstration website. This will show you PD/GO Version 4 which has a lot of great features, functionality, bells and whistles. Let's get right into it. Once you've logged into your account with the PD/GO System, your username and password, you can see this panel where the changes you will make will occur on the left-hand side of the screen and the website changes will appear on the right-hand side of the screen in a preview mode. Then once your changes are approved on the right side, you can click a button to publish your changes to your live website.

I'm going to click the button here for Web Pages and this will take us into a panel that shows four different Web Pages that are on this demonstration account: Home, About, Testimonials and Contact. You'll notice that the About Us page has a couple of sublevel pages underneath it. To edit a page, you simply select the page you want and double click it. This takes us into the Editing Mode and on the left hand side you'll see the place where you can either add, change or remove content and again on the right will be a preview of the live website. What I'm going to do is click in here to this block of text andyou'll see that it highlights in blue. This is where I can actually start to add some new verbage, such as “Hi there!” I'll press the Enter key a couple of times and you'll see that now the “Hi there!” line is a separate block of text, separate from where I had originally put it and so if I want I can change the Text Formatting from Paragraph to Main Heading or Subheading something like that. You'll see over here on the right hand side that its changed appropriately. Maybe I want to make it a little bit smaller; I'll go to Section Heading under Text Formatting, that'll be a smaller size font right there.

Okay let me show you other things that we can do such as making words bold. We select the words that we wish to bold. I can select Bold here or even Italics or Underline or Link which will link it to a third-party website or a page within the existing site. So I can change Bold like that and that's a very easy, simple thing to do. You'll see that it's now bold over here on the right. If I want to make a page that links to, let's say the Contact page on the website, then I'll select it. I'll click the link button and a drop-down menu appears here where I can choose the Web Page and select Contact. I can even have it open in a new window or tab if I wish. Click done and now that word becomes a link to the Contact page. You'll see that it refreshes over here on the right-hand side of the screen. Also as I make changes on the left you'll see that the published changes button will appear at the top here. This allows me to publish those changes to the live web site. Takes one click and loads in just a couple of moments and that's that.

Let me show you how to insert a new photo into the web site. We click the blue insert button right here and it takes us to a panel that shows all the different things that can be inserted into this web page including widgets, column layouts, images, galleries, videos, tables and much more. I'm going to click the images button. It shows the different six or seven images that are currently in this website's Image Storage area. I want to add a new one so I'm going to click upload new images. This takes me to my computer's hard drive and here's a couple of pictures I have that I could put on the website if I wanted to. There's an adorable picture of my little guy Simon when he was three years old in his Halloween costume. I just double-click it. It's now uploaded and now I can grab here and drag and drop it wherever I wish it to appear on the website. I'm going to put it right here. You see the blue line tells me where it would be inserted and you'll see it now has appeared on the right hand side. Now I'm going to select the image block here and I have some options on what I'd like to do to format this particular image. I can align it Left, Center, or Right. I can change the image size from Small, Medium, Large, or Extra-large etc. I'm going to change it to Large and for fun I'm going to use the feature here for Advanced Image Styles. I'm going to put a Light Border around it and you'll now see all those changes have taken place. They look good. I can publish those changes and it's now done on the live website.

There's many other features that are in the system available such as Blogging, Column layout options, Image galleries, Embedding videos, Full-screen image backgrounds or Fullscreen video backgrounds and much much more. Please call us at PD/GO. We're very glad to help you. Our number is toll-free 888-354-4946, extension 1. You can also visit Pdgo.com and contact us through the website. Thanks so much! Have a great day and we appreciate doing business with you at PD/GO.


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