New Website Launch: Jessica Kurutz - Mortgage Company

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Categories: PD/GO Websites

In this video, Steve Schwartz from PD/GO Digital Marketing in Vero Beach, Florida, presents a recently launched website for Jessica Kurutz, a mortgage banker serving the Treasure Coast and Space Coast of Florida.

Video Captions

Hi, it's Steve Schwartz with PD/GO Digital Marketing in Vero Beach, Florida. We recently launched a new website for Jessica Kurutz. She is a mortgage banker in Vero Beach as well as the Treasure Coast and Space Coast of Florida. And I just wanted to show off this website because it's beautiful. And obviously, if you need a loan, new mortgage or refinance, Jessica is a wonderful person to talk to. First of all, you take a look here we have her logo as a signature initials, which is great, or name, or navigation of home, calculate payment programs, team, testimonials, and contact, very clean, very easy to read what the different pages of this website are. And we have a little flyout widget for ADA compliance. This is a link to a version of the website that's more easily accessible to a blind or deaf user. Okay. And as you can see, within the body of the page, there's a gorgeous, large photo of a high end home and a call out box here looking to buy a new home apply now and a phone number. These are what we call a call to action to get people to click the links and to engage with Jessica and her team regarding their loan situation. As we scroll down, we have her name and "Branch Manager". And we call these focal point boxes. The idea that most people who come to a website are looking for one of three or maybe four different things. In this case, what are people normally searching for, they want to learn about the programs, they want to meet the team. And they'd like to hear some nice things that people have said about the business. So testimonials. As we scroll down, we can see find a loan consultant and Jessica's photo in this layer very pretty designed with the background of leaves and very just very tropical. Okay, some testimonials set aside in separate boxes here. And you can read more. And then obviously her footer with her name, her information and for social icons. As we go through the rest of the site quickly, you can see that we can calculate a payment. And this is an embedded mortgage calculator from a third party. Next, we have programs. And this shows the different types of programs that are available to her customers, including conventional loans, VA loans, adjustable rate, mortgages, jumbo loans, etc. And for each of these, they have a separate call to action button. So you can click to apply for a conventional loan, you can click to apply for a VA loan. Again, very simple, very clean, very easy for the visitor to know what they need to do and where to click in order to use the website successfully. The next navigation item takes you to the team page. And we have Christie we have Jennifer, Abigail, Cole. So you can see that they have their information and nice photo and ability to easily contact each person on the team. Almost done here we have some nice testimonials. One thing I learned years ago is you can tell everybody how great you are yourself but nobody cares because you're biased. And it's only when other people say nice things about you that people listen because they're not you. So here's a bunch of testimonials. And then finally on the page is contact so people can find her phone number, E-fax, fill out the form, click the submit button, and it'll send an email to her office and obviously our location in the Google Map embedded here. So that's it. Just this website looks great. And if we can help you with your website project, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at You can send a note to me directly: You can call 772-770-4077 extension one and be very happy to help you, all the best!