Request Your Digital Marketing Playbook!


In more than two decades of business, most clients come to us seeking a website redesign. While that is certainly important, we go beyond surface-level improvements. We encourage our clients to take advantage of our comprehensive approach by utilizing our Business Marketing Playbook.

At PD/GO Digital Marketing, we understand that a successful online presence goes beyond a visually appealing website. This is why we implement a two-step deep dive into your business's complete digital footprint guided by our Business Marketing Playbook. This invaluable resource enables us to evaluate not only your website but also other foundational items, online exposure, and digital outreach efforts.

Step 1: Initial Discussion
Together, you and our dedicated team will engage in an in-depth discussion to gather essential information regarding your business. We will focus on the following:

  • What are your goals, vision, and history? Where do you see your business in five years?
  • What vital message do you need to share with your audience? Are you trying to make sales or provide information?
  • Who is your ideal client? Age, location, gender, interests?
  • What marketing efforts have you implemented before that have worked or not worked? Have you done them in the correct order?
  • Who are your most significant competitors? Would potential clients choose you over them?
  • And so much more...

Step 2: Playbook Creation and Presentation
After completing this call, our dedicated team will perform an in-depth analysis of your current website, its functionality, usability, speed, security, and accessibility for people with disabilities. But it doesn't stop there. We will then examine the health and extent of your business's digital marketing footprint. This includes analyzing your Google Business Profile, online reviews, online directory consistency, and exposure on the major search engines. We will also assess opportunities to increase your brand visibility to potential clients.

We will schedule a second meeting to review your custom Playbook with you. At that meeting, you will be informed of our findings and insights including the knowledge and tools necessary to improve your digital footprint and significantly increase customer activity.

Experience the power of our Business Marketing Playbook. On the calendar below, select a time for your Initial Discussion with a member of our team.

We look forward to helping you gain clarity and insight to increase your customer activity.