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To start your project, we will have a discussion with you about your business goals, marketing plans and ideas. We ask specific pointed questions to clarify details, and we propose suggestions that you may not have considered. When done, we will have worked out a strategic plan for your project, estimated budget and timeline.

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Brand Development and Logo Design

Every business should have its own identity, typically referred to as a brand, which consists of an attractive logo and color scheme. We can create these important elements to develop that identity. Learn more about Brand Development and Logo Design

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PD/GO System Editable Websites

We use the PD/GO System to create awesome websites that you can easily update yourself, without being a techie. Once we have completed your website, we will spend an hour or less training you to make content changes including adding, modifying, or removing web pages, files, text, images, links, videos, products for sale, and much more! Please contact us for a quick demonstration of the PD/GO System. Read more about the PD/GO System.

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ADA Compliant Websites

PD/GO Digital Marketing wants everyone to be able to successfully utilize your website, even those who are visually impaired. We offer a service of making websites compliant, as closely as possible, with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Click here for a free ADA review of your website with a PD/GO Digital Marketing Accessibility specialist. They will you test your website for any violations. If it fails the test, it is not compliant, and we may be able to help you.
Contact us for more assistance. Learn more about ADA compliance and accessible websites.

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Custom Web Application Development

While the majority of our clients select the PD/GO System to be their website platform, some clients have specific programming needs that simply do not fit within the parameters of the PD/GO System. For these clients, we create websites that are entirely custom programmed or we can create and integrate a custom system to their PD/GO website. Learn more about Custom Web Application Development

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Internet Marketing / SEO

Internet marketing is vital to get your website in front of potential customers so your business can flourish. We provide several internet marketing options as a one-time service and/or an ongoing monthly service. Learn more about Internet Marketing and SEO

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Targeted Ads Online

Reach your potential customers by displaying online ads that target a specific group of people based on their demographic or buying history. We can implement this type of marketing for you to maximize your advertising dollars. Learn more about Targeted Ads Online

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WordPress Repair

WordPress is an open-source website building platform that works great for millions of business websites. However, it is prone to major problems including outdated source code, hacking, latency, etc. The team at PD/GO Digital Marketing is experienced in identifying issues and repairing problems with WordPress websites. Learn more about our WordPress Repair Services

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We can add e-commerce to your website so that you can securely sell products. Payment gateways include PayPal and We will teach you to easily manage the categories, sub-categories, and product data yourself. Learn more about E-commerce

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Graphic Design for Print Media

PD/GO provides graphic design services for print media projects such as business card design, promotional flyers, trifold brochures, letterhead and envelope design, magazine ad design and more. Learn more about our Graphic Design services