Youth Sailing Foundation of IRC

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Video Transcript

Steve Schwartz
Hello, this is Steve Schwartz with PD/GO Digital Marketing, Vero Beach, Florida. Hope you're great today, I wanted to show you a website that we had created a few years ago. And as of yesterday, we launched the new version of the website. So every couple of years, it's recommended to give your existing website a fresh new look, clean it up a little bit, streamline it, make sure the information is accurate. And that's what we did here for the Youth Sailing Foundation of Vero Beach, Florida. This is an organization that is a nonprofit, it takes kids out on the river and teaches them how to sail. There's other programs as well. But I just wanted to show you this website, it's very attractive. As you can see in the upper left corner, we have their logo, upper right corner, we have the weather station for live weather data, a call to action button for donating to the organization, links to all of their social media sites and email here, click to call phone number, which works great on your smartphone, you can just touch it, and it'll say do you want to call this number you click it again to say yes, and it'll ring them directly. Also in the upper right corner, we have a flyout widget for the ADA compliant version of the website. This version is accessible to people who are blind or deaf, so they can also utilize the website successfully. Across the top you have different navigation items including home, their calendar, the different sailing programs with drop down menus for the different programs they do offer, the ability to donate, and to contact them including directions. In the main part of the webpage, you see what we call the hero images set up as a slideshow. In this space the clients provided us some really wonderful photos of their programs, working with kids and teaching people, kids and adults how to sail and how to do so safely. And over this we have the phrase Vero Beach is community sailing, we do this because we want the visitors who come to this website to be sure that when they come to this website, within two or three seconds, they know who the organization is, and generally what they do or what it's about. One of the big mistakes in web design is that people come to a website, and they don't really know what the websites all about when they're there. And they get frustrated and leave and go elsewhere. So see some nice pictures there. There's an area for trending topics, the client is going to add information here about upcoming events. Some more information about the Youth Sailing Foundation, what is their mission, their vision, their goals. There's a video here telling the story of a young man and the day of the life of the sailing program for the youth. And we include the transcript as well for the blind users, or deaf users as well. So that's there. And then down below there we have come join us as a student, parent, volunteer or supporter, and what we call these our focal point items. These are circles that draw the attention to three different major parts of the organization, what they do what they offer. When people come to a website, typically they're looking for one of 234 different major things or areas. In this case, people come to this website because they're looking to learn more about the sailing programs, learning how to volunteer or how to support the organization, financially or otherwise. So that's all there and available. At the bottom you see a very cool design as it looks like we're going under the water and their logo and some some stuff across the bottom here for the footer statements. So anyways, this is just a quick look at the Youth Sailing Foundation website refreshed after a couple of years of having it live. And I think it looks beautiful. If you need any help with your website or your digital marketing or really just want to chat with me for a few minutes to see if there's anything that we would suggest on your website to make it better, more effective, more useful, better conversion, make more money, anything like that. Be happy to speak with you. Our website is P D G O dot com. You can even schedule a time on my calendar by visiting and our phone number is 772-770-4077 extension one goes right to me and look forward to speaking with you have a great day.

The Youth Sailing Foundation of Indian River County is a non-profit organization that provides sailing lessons to kids and adults, as well as related programs. In 2017, the organization hired PD/GO Digital Marketing to create an attractive, professional new website. That website was designed and launched with great success.

After a few years, their leadership asked the PD/GO Team to freshen up the design, streamline a few areas, and improve the usability of the website. This week, we launched the newest version of the website. Please enjoy this video where we review the new website for you.

You are welcome to visit the live website here: