Add an Existing YouTube Video to Your Website

  1. From the YouTube video's page, click "Share" then click "Embed". You may also like to click "Show More" and uncheck the option to "Show suggested videos when the video finishes". This will prevent competitors videos from showing at the end of your videos. Copy the embed code.
  2. Now log into the PD/GO System
  3. From the Website Manager click "Edit this Page" to the right of the page to which you would like to embed the YouTube video.
  4. Click to expand "Additional Page Options" located at the bottom left of the Editor page.
  5. Paste the embed code into the "Additional Code" field at the bottom of the Additional Page Options.
  6. Select "Above Content" or "Below Content" to place the video above or below the other content on the page.
  7. Save the page by clicking the "Save Page" button.