Embed Your Facebook Page to Your Website

Instead of linking to your organization or business Facebook page from your website, why not embed your Facebook page feed right to a web page on your website so that visitors can see your latest status updates, photos and even "Like" your page without ever having to leave your website!

This tutorial will teach you how to add a "Like Box" to your website.

I realize that some would rather eat nails than look at HTML code, but rest assured, you don't have to know what the code means in order to implement this great feature. You can do it!

Here's how it's done:

1. Click here to go to the Facebook Like Box Tool page.

2. Paste the URL (website address) of your Facebook page into the Like Box tool.

3. Experiment with the other settings until the preview looks how you would like it to look. You can leave the size as is if you want.

4. Click "Get Code".

5. Copy all of the code from both top and bottom code boxes.

6. Now open a new browser tab or window and log into the PD-go! System.

7. From the Website Manager, click "Edit this Page" for the page you would like to add the "Like Box" to.

8. Click the "HTML" button found in the page editor's toolbar. (If you're not comfortable with HTML, you can paste code at the very top or bottom of the code without damaging the page.)

9. Save the page to complete the task!

If you get stuck, feel free to contact support@pdgo.com.

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