Thursday, August 12, 2021

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YourMindHealth — New Website Announcement

PD/GO Digital Marketing is thrilled to announce the launch of the new website,, for Dr. Lynn Williams. Dr. Williams is a clinical psychologist based in Vero Beach Florida. She has been a client of PD/GO for many years. Recently, she requested our team to freshen up and modernize her website. We are thrilled with the final result. Check it out today!

Video Captions

Hi everyone, it's Steve Schwartz with PD/GO Digital Marketing in Vero Beach, Florida. Today I wanted to show you a brand new website that we just launched for It is the website for the practice of Dr. Lynn Williams. She is a mental health counselor, and helps people going through the challenges of life. And I wanted to just show off this gorgeous website that we did for her. As you can see, there's a gorgeous homepage looping video here. And it's very tropical, it's very encouraging. There's phrases that go across such as enhanced quality of life, and treating the body, mind and spirit. So it's very encouraging. There's a lot of sea life going on here as well. You see her logos in the upper left corner. Her phone number is in the upper right corner. And she has her navigation items such as home her resume, psychiatric medication, tele psychiatry, new patients fees and to contact her and as you scroll down the page, you see that the header pops into a nice turquoise blue color so that as you move the background, you can still see what those words are quite easily. Information about her as a expert in the field. There she is, and information in the footer. So as you click through the website, obviously there's other information that you can get about her practice. It's a very clean, very simple, very attractive and very easy to use website. If we can help you look great online and get found on Google Search Facebook and more. please reach out to us at or call us for a free consultation 888-354-4946 extension one. Hope to chat with you soon.