What You Need To Know About ADA Compliance

Steve Schwartz, Owner and President of PD/GO Digital Marketing, and Karen Pittman, the Project Manager for PD/GO, recently were guests on Planet Vero Radio (1370 AM or 107.9 FM) with radio host Donna Roberts Mitchell. They discussed aspects of ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Compliance and how websites can be designed to be accessible for all users, including those with disabilities such as blindness. They also talked about the prevalance of lawsuits against business owners who do not comply with the standards of the ADA. Access the recorded radio interview here: What You Need To Know About ADA Compliance

What you need to know about ADA Compliance on the web: A ten-minute radio interview by PD/GO Digital Marketing. Listen to the interview on our Youtube channel. Opens new window.

Learn more about ADA Compiance and how the PD/GO Team can help you.