CODA Memoir

Friday, August 13, 2021

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A CODA is a child of deaf adults. Our client, Ruth Reppert, is a CODA who grew up during the Great Depression. She has written and published her memoir; this charming book is now available on Amazon.

There is a new movie titled CODA that tells the story of another CODA.

The team at PD/GO Digital Marketing has created a website for Ruth to help tell her story and offer a link to purchase her memoir.

Click here to visit her website

Video Captions

Can you imagine what it would be like as a child to be born of Deaf parents, your mother is deaf, and your father is deaf, but you can see and hear just fine. Well, we call this a CODA: Child of Deaf Adults C. O. D. A. And here at PD/GO Digital Marketing we've created a new website for Ruth Reppert. She is a wonderful woman who grew up in the Great Depression. And she is a CODA, a Child of Deaf Adults. Ruth has an amazing story to share. And she has written her memoirs, as a book, I've read it, it's a wonderful, adorable story. I love it and recommend you read it highly. So her website that we put together is called And you can see it here on the screen. And here's the cover of the book. And this is what Ruth looked like as a little toddler. And as you click through the website, you can see her picture, learn some of her stories, and another picture here. And you can even check out reviews, and order a copy of the book through Amazon. I've actually heard that there's going to be a major movie released on Apple plus TV and some other places have another CODA. And so if you do catch that movie, it's not Ruth's story, but it's a story of somebody else with the same situation. I recommend highly buy a copy of Ruth's book, and enjoy it, really, it's just a very, very charming, wonderful story. Anyways, my name is Steve Schwartz, PD/GO Digital Marketing ( ), and I look forward to speaking to you at some point in the future. Enjoy that book.