Andrew Metcalf, Criminal Defense Attorney

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[Music playing. Andrew Metcalf sitting behind a desk. Words on screen - Andrew Metcalf, Criminal Defense Attorney] Hi, my name is Andy Metcalf. I'm a practicing attorney here in Vero Beach, Florida and the immediate past president of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. I'm here to encourage everyone to make sure that their websites are compliant with the ADA regulations regarding the blind. This could result in costly litigation if you're not and I recommend the professionals at PD/GO who made sure our website is compliant.

[Music playing. Words on screen - ADA Compliance on the web. PD/GO Digital Marketing logo.]

Andrew Metcalf is a criminal defense attorney. His law firm, Green & Metcalf, is based in Vero Beach Florida.

In this video, Mr. Metcalf briefly explains the importance of having an ADA compliant website, allowing blind and low vision visitors the ability to utilize the website easily. He also discusses the growing number of lawsuits against businesses whose websites are not compliant.

To learn more and to see if your business website is ADA compliant, please review this information.