Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Internet marketing is vital to get your website in front of potential customers so your business can flourish. We provide several internet marketing options as a one-time service and/or an ongoing monthly service. Internet Marketing and SEO involves research and drafting a strategic plan that is unique to your website.

We research the top keywords that people are actually entering into a Google search. We then see how your website ranks on Google for those keywords and how well your competitors' websites rank for those keywords. Then we draft a specific plan for improving your website's rankings for those keywords by updating your website's meta tags, html titles, page titles, image alt tags, internal links, Schema, text content and footers and more.

Once the optimization is finished, we register your website's sitemap with Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as many smaller search engines and directories. We will create your Google business listing and/or verify that all name/address/phone details are correct.

Should you choose ongoing monthly internet marketing and SEO services, we typically focus on adding new keyword-rich content, building new links, bookmarks and social shares across the Internet, which point to your website.

Get Started

We optimize your website and register your website's sitemap with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Disclaimer: Please know that the nature of the Internet, and of search engine rankings, is of constant change. We have no direct control if Google will rank your website favorably, or at all. However, we will do the things that we believe are necessary to POTENTIALLY gain positive results, as we have had very good success with other clients. With this in mind, we cannot provide a refund of your investment in this service if results are unfavorable to you, for ANY reason.