Campground Websites and ADA Compliance Violations

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As the school year winds down, the summer months are around the corner. Many parents and caregivers are solidifying their plans for the coming weeks. For some, this includes sending kids to summer camp, or taking a family vacation together. There are many camps from which to choose, so it is common for individuals to peruse many options based on interests, ages and abilities. Much of this research is done online. As traffic increases on these summer-season websites, it’s important to take into consideration all parties that may be visiting. Most users take in content with little to no trouble at all. However, some consumers may be deaf, blind, or have low vision. It’s important to consider their needs, as they are valuable members of the camping community too. The Americans with Disabilities Act has addressed this issue in many ways over the years, but now a part of its focus is turning to websites as well.

A recent article by Woodall's Campground Management details the urgency of the need to make websites ADA compliant, so that all users, both sighted and blind, deaf and hearing, are able to access content. Without proper access for everyone, websites are now vulnerable to costly lawsuits, which are increasing in number as non-compliant sites are discovered by automated software and eager legal firms.

The technical team at PD/GO is ready and available to make our customers’ websites accessible to all users, pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have the knowhow to code websites and mobile apps so that they are compatible with screen reader software programs such as JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver.

For a free consultation and to test if your business website is ADA compliant, please reach out to PD/GO Digital Marketing at 888.354.4946, Extension 1.

For more details, please review the referenced article at the Woodall's Campground Management website.

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